Case History

Papa Francesco - Visit to Alessano 2018



On 20 April 2018, around 15 thousand faithful and pilgrims gathered to celebrate Don Tonino Bello and embrace Pope Francis on a visit to the tomb of the priest so loved by his land, Alessano (LE) and all of Salento. On the occasion of the visit of the Holy Father, Busforfun took care of the integrated planning and management of mobility, through online booking and the use of 20 shuttles. All passengers of motorcycles, cars and buses have safely reached the site of the event, according to the stringent Gabrielli Directives.


The Mayor of Alessano Francesca Torsello: "Busforfun has managed the arrival of such a large number of people in a perfect way, allowing us to guarantee a very high level of safety and serenity, which in events like this is essential."



Vasco Rossi - Modena Park 2017



Busforfun own managed the main parking lot Sant'Anna at only 800mt from the Commandant's stage. At the same time, through its platform, Busforfun managed the mobility and booking of 22 different parking, 7061 cars and 543 buses. OVERALL 45,804 Blasco fans! To compensate CO2 emissions, Busforfun's customers donated 5 new trees to the city of Modena.

The booking arrangements and the flow of mobility were excellent, with the new technologies used by Busforfun



Assessor environment Dpt. Modena Giulio Guerzoni: "The bookings and the flow of mobility was excellent with the new technologies used by Busforfun! "


73rd Open Golf of Italy - 2016 - Monza Park


Open Golf of Italy has been a global mobility experience. handled transportation for Caddies, Audience, airport transfers and safety measures on field. The weather hasn't been good for several days, during the event. employed the whole network, placing 87 buses during its service week.




FIG' s President Alessandro Rogato: “Transports' organisation and the relationship between staff and the European Tour was perfect! “



WELLSTAR - 2016 - Meeting Training Force of Sales - Rome Conference Center


Wellstar- Byas is a very well known German society, European Leader for Production and Selling of Professional Beauty HoghTech. In a nutshell: it has discover the way to put a real aesthetics clinic into every woman's bag. Busforfun handled the whole mobility to transport northern Partners from the north of Italy to the Conference Center of Rome. A real Case History for, employed for the MICE market.




Anna Botter International Vice President: “Busforfun support has been fundamental for our events' success"