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    Ski Days - Val di Zoldo

    Val di Zoldo (BL)

    Recommended by Ski Civetta.

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    A day of skiing in the Dolomiti

    In Val di Zoldo the night lights up ... after sunset, the Foppe and Cristelin slopes light up for those who want to try this new experience and for those who can no longer do without it. The just "groomed" slopes, the excellent visibility and the Pelmo in the background, are the perfect ingredients for unforgettable descents.

    Discover the magic of Ski Civetta: in the heart of the Dolomites, between the Pelmo and Civetta mountains, you will find the largest ski area in the Veneto with fabulous landscapes, splendid valleys and small suggestive villages. 72 km of slopes, 23 ski lifts and 17 refuges with a single ski pass, for your unforgettable days on skis! We are waiting for you among our slopes, suitable for everyone, from beginners who are approaching this discipline to the most experienced skiers.


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