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    August 14th 2022, Gallipoli (LE)

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    Summer Tour 2022

    Rkomi's unstoppable race continues on Sunday 14 August at the Parco Gondar in Gallipoli! After the Sanremo experience and the success of the singles "Insuperabile" and "La coda del diavolo" certified platinum and the album "Taxi Driver", the best-selling and listened to in 2021, already four times platinum, the awaited tour arrives summer, which follows the sold-out of the previous club tour. The best way to celebrate and celebrate a year of extraordinary results together with the fans is to bring Rkomi to cross Italy all over Italy, with the Apulian stop at Parco Gondar crowning summer 2022!


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    Raised in the high-rise buildings of Milan, Rkomi (born in 1994) already in 2016 conquered a role among the main protagonists of the nascent new wave of Italian rap, telling the life of the suburbs with Dasein Sollen, EP that makes use of the collaboration of Tedua and izi . The following year, Io in Terra conquered the charts with new murky sounds with synthetic frequencies, Caribbean vibrations and magnetic motifs. Thanks to the supervision of Charlie Charles, Where the eyes do not arrive of 2019 brings him among the main rap artists of the mainstream, who embraces pop with greater conviction, without neglecting more urban sounds. In 2021, thanks to the new work in the TAXI DRIVER studio and the Sanremo experience of 2022, he brings the rapper to the attention of the main media [...]

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