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    Pinguini Tattici Nucleari

    April & May

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    Fake News Indoor Tour

    Six guys, very young, and a career that is starting to fly: the Pinguini Tattici Nucleari are ready to meet us on Non Perdiamoci Mica Di Vista Palasport Tour 2024! After a 2023 of tour full of sold out and great protagonists of the Campovolo Festival, the Bergamo band will take the stage of main indoor arenas for  unique and unmissable concert-events. Book your seat on the bus and come with us, we are waiting for you on board!


    #BusForFun #PinguiniTatticiNucleari




    Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, 24 years on average, were born in 2012 in the Bergamo area; The group takes shape among the school desks, and accompanies their adolescence. With 4 albums, more than 8 million views on Youtube and about 60 million total streaming, they participate in the faber Nostrum disc in 2019. Out of the Hype, released by Sony on April 5, 2019, it enters in just one week at 12th place in the FIMI ranking to remain among the 50 best-selling discs, and exceeds 25 million streaming, while Irene, contained in the previous Brucata Youth becomes Disco D'Oro in September 2019 [...]

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