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    Odissea 2000 AcquaPark

    Summer 2018, Rossano (CS)

    Odrasli 1 18+ years
    Otroci 0 0-17 years

    Music, sun, water games & relax at Rossano with Busforfun!

    The Acquapark Odissea 2000 is the perfect place for those who love adrenaline and living in suspense, but it is also ideal for families with children of all ages, who want to take the whole family on holiday and spend relaxing and fun moments together.

    The brave ones will find the Black Polyphemus swing ride, the Omero Jump freefall ride and the adventurous roller coaster ride The Big Olympus.

    Three people together can also challenge the power of water on the Titan Roller, the longest slide in Europe and spend 2 km in apnea with your head upside down on the Chimera.

    In Acquapark Odissea 2000, exclusively Italian, the best attraction is undisputedly the Skyron Rocket, a plunge into emptiness for those who cannot resist the breathtaking thrills.

    It is guaranteed that young children will also have fun since there are specific themed areas: the slides of joy on the Isola di Galatea as well as breathtaking and enchanted shows at the Teatro dei Satiri.

    There are 5 dining areas provided by the park where you can stop and enjoy delicious delicacies and treats.

    So the slogan is "fun" and it will be more social than ever before with Busforfun!

    With the hashtag #iocisono everyone can share their wonderful summer spent between diving and water games!

    General conditions:

    1. Children no taller than 140cm, carers of persons with limited mobility who are dependent on others, military and law enforcement personnel have the right to a reduced ticket.  
    2. Children no taller than 105cm, people over seventy years of age with an identity document and persons with limited mobility have free admission.

    Rules for Traveling Minors:

    1. Children under 15 may only ride if accompanied throughout the trip by the person standing in loco parentis
    2. Minors over 15 may travel alone
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