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    Modà - Passione Maledetta Tour

    November 30th, 2016, Bari

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    Do not lose Modà comeback in Bari!

    The staff of Busforfun.com is ready to take you to Bari to see the show!


    It is no surprise that their new single is called Passione Maledetta as passion is one of the hallmarks of the band, not only with regards to musical production, but also because of the relationship with the public. The loyal fans will not miss even one stop of the tour as they show genuine support for the three young artists and especially for their charismatic and charming front-man Francesco "Kekko" Silvestre.


    Their album Passione Maledetta that was released in 2015 and reached a platinum level by selling more than 150 thousand copies is another testimony of their success. Passione Maladetta is also the name of the single on the album that has been released on the 15th of April. Between 2011 and 2014 the band held 70 concerts in front of more than one and a half million fans and sold more than half a million albums. It is also worth mentioning that Mòda was the only Italian bend that won the Diamond award and it was for their single Visa i romantici (2011), in addition the song  Gioia (2013) reached the platinum sales records four times and Modà 2004-2014: L'originale (2014) three times. 


    Their phenomenon continues on social media as well, they have about two and a half million fans on Facebook, about half a million on Twitter, while their Youtube videos have been viewed more than 262 million times. 


    Without a doubt this is passion: #PassioneMaledetta!

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