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    November 23th & 25th 2023, Milan

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    The Celebration Tour

    Madonna returns to Italy! This announcement is enough to shake the hearts of millions of fans of the most loved Italian-American artist of all time: her first album was released in 1983 and to celebrate her anniversary here is The Celebration Tour! Don't make commitments for next November because we will take you to the Mediolanum Forum in Milan to attend Lady Ciccone's only Italian show: wear comfortable shoes, you will dance all evening to the tune of her best singles, from Like a Virgin to Hung up...   


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    Artist and cultural icon, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is able to blend styles and imaginaries in an always unique and original way, often anticipating her times to the point of provocation. The ability to always adapt and be reborn in step with the times has therefore become a salient feature of her iconic style. Born in Michigan on August 16, 1958, she rose to prominence in New York in the 80s where punk-rock was the master, knowing how to combine the style in vogue with a more dance and pop sound. Following his self-titled debut album released in '83, he released legendary works such as "Like a Virgin", "True Blue" and "Like a Prayer" that defined the pop era, highlighting the complexity of an artist capable to shed skin with incredible naturalness, always putting her in the spotlight both as the provocative 'Material Girl', as in those of the problematic and reflective girl-next-door in 'Papa Don't Preach'. The balance between the sacred and the profane is often overcome by subsequent works that explore the intertwining of sex and power, through both sound and textual experiments between house, swing and R&B music [...]

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