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    July 2023, Milan & Rome

    Passengers 1 15+ years
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    Stadi 2023

    After having made us “ballare sul mondo” to celebrate 25 years of activity, now Ligabue is preparing to return as a protagonist with a tour that will take him to the main stadiums in Italy! One year after the meha concert in Reggio Emilia, next July it will stop at the San Siro Stadium in Milan and at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome: we are waiting for you on the bus to go all together under the stage to sing Certe Notti with our favorite rocker!


    #WeTheFun #Ligabue #30anniinungiorno




    Luciano Ligabue born in Correggio (RE) in 1960, made his debut at only eighteen years with the single Cento Lampioni. After a few years with the band Orazero, he is discovered by Pierangelo Bertoli, which includes the song Sogni di rock'n'roll in his 1988 album. 1990 is a fundamental year for rockers: the anonymous album Ligabue comes out, the first solo work of the italian songwriter, containing songs of success as we dance on the world and Little star without sky: follow many other unforgettable pieces, including Certe notti e Viva! that consecrate it in the Olympus of Italian rock. In 2019 he published the new single Luci d'America [..]

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