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    The 15 most appreciated beaches in Europe

    16th June 2021

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    A journey to discover the European beaches to visit at least once in a lifetime!

    Summer is coming, it’s getting hotter and the desire to go on vacation is stronger and stronger.

    By the way, have you already chosen the destination for your 2021 holidays?

    If you love the sea, but don't know where to go, we suggest you read this article to the end. Today we present you the 15 most appreciated beaches in Europe. All the beaches that you will find in this list won the “Travelers Choice 2020” award (created by Tripadvisor). This means that thousands of travelers have reviewed them as excellences for the beauty of the landscape, as well as for the quality of hospitality and services.

    1. The beach of rabbits, in Lampedusa (Italy) is number one. Naturally, we just feel proud about this Italian record, also because more than 6,000 visitors consider it excellent! What makes this island unique is the charm of the nature in which it is immersed, the landscape, with its colors and the atmosphere of peace perceived. Its Caribbean sea that looks like an open-air swimming pool is the cherry on the top!



    2. Kleftiko Beach, in Milos (Greece) is the second of the list. More than 1000 travelers defined it as “exceptional”. Kleftiko is part of the Cyclades Islands and can only be reached by boat. Precisely for this reason why once you arrive, you feel like you are living a daydream: to welcome you you will find a crystalline sea, surrounded by unspoilt white cliffs.


    3. Luskentyre beach on the Isle of Harris (Scotland) takes third place in the list. According to over 1000 visitors, who reviewed it as "excellent", this place has something magical. Once you arrive you will be enchanted by the beauty of the colors, scents and atmosphere that surrounds it.



    4. The fourth most appreciated beach in Europe is Platja De Ses Illetes, in the Balearic Islands (Spain). As the name suggests, which translated means "beach of the islets", it is a bay surrounded by a series of islets. The seabed is rich in fish and vegetation, which make this place perfect for snorkelers. The other feature of the beach is the presence a zone for naturists.


    5. Fifth place goes to La Concha Beach in San Sebàstian (Spain). Did you know that its name means "shell"? The reason is its shape; seen from above, in fact, it looks like a shell with its pearl. Obviously his fame does not derive only from this! Tourists love strolling along its promenade, dotted with luxurious villas and palaces.


    6. In sixth place, we find the famous Woolacombe Beach, in Woolacombe (United Kingdom). The beach overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. What makes it so famous, in addition to its 400 million-year-old rocks, entirely covered with fossils, is the abundant presence of exotic shells carried by the ocean currents. The travelers who have positively reviewed it are more than 3500!


    7. Elafonissi Beach, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Crete (Greece) is in seventh place of the list. More than 14,000 users consider it “exceptional”! What will leave you breathless of this beach are the shades of the sea and the sand, ranging from white to pink. In addition to this, people appreciate a lot is the presence of kiosks where you can restore, framed by an amazing view and an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.



    8. In eighth position we find another Italian pearl. This is Cala Mariolu, the beautiful Sardinian beach in the municipality of Baunei (Italy). Almost 2000 travelers have reviewed it as an excellence! The characteristic of this idyllic place is a transparent turquoise sea, overlooked by coves with small white pebbles and huge cliffs, from which the most daring people love diving!


    9. Once again, we find a Greek beach in this list. This time we are talking about Balos Lagoon in Crete, which ranks ninth. More than 10,000 users have rated it positively. What tourists appreciate most is the atmosphere of absolute relaxation that is perceived on this beach. The place where it is located is, in fact, is completely uninhabited and to reach it, you need to walk for about 2 km. Don't worry, the route is feasible for all and it’s worth doing.


    10. The tenth place is Black Sand Beach, located in Vik, on the southern coast of Iceland. Almost 4000 visitors consider it “exceptional”. Naturally, this time, the reason why visiting this place is not the sea itself, because the weather makes it impracticable nearly always. What makes this beach unique is its black sand and the large presence of columns and basalt rocks, on which there are colonies of puffins.


    11. Rhossili Bay, in Wales (United Kingdom) ranks eleventh in the list of the most popular beaches in Europe. Almost 2000 users have appreciated and positively reviewed it. What strikes about this place is its majesty: the beach stretches for miles and miles, where you can have long and relaxing walks and admire the dense vegetation, the imposing cliffs and the beautiful whitewashed cottage!


    12. In the Twelfth place we find St. Brelade's Bay Beach. This beach, located on the southwest coast of Jersey (United Kingdom), is probably one of the most famous and appreciated in the United Kingdom. It was appreciated by more than 2,000 travelers, who appreciated its breadth, the discreet presence of services and clubs, the beauty of the sea and the suggestive landscape that surrounds it.


    13. In thirteenth place there is Simos Beach, located on the island of Elafonisos (Greece). Unlike the other destinations, Elafonisos is not very famous, yet its characteristics make it a small earthly paradise (19 square km): transparent sea, white sand and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


    14. In the fourteenth place we find another Spanish beach: Playa De Muro Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. The travelers who have positively reviewed it are more than 4000. The destination is well known by tourists. This makes it unsuitable for those who look for relaxation and tranquility and perfect for those interested in sociability and activities: clubs (night and not), sports activities, boat trips. The low tide and the presence of huge trees, under which you can stay in the shade, make it suitable for families too.



    15. In fifteenth place we find again the municipality of Baunei, in Sardinia, with its beautiful Cala of Goloritzè. More than 1500 users have rated it as “excellent” and it is not difficult to understand why: the sea is simply amazing, and the landscape is wonderful as well. The only thing to keep in mind is that to reach the beach, you have to walk through a rocky path that is not easy to walk (it takes about an hour and it is advisable to wear trekking or gym shoes).



    Do you agree with this ranking? Do you think we missed some beach? Let us know in the comments. Regardless of this, we hope to have inspired you, making you discover new destinations for your next trip!

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