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    25th September 2020

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    This is our first Blog article!

    Here we are… this is our first Blog article!

    Generally, the first thing to do in a corporate blog is to introduce oneself, but we are not going to  waste time doing it. If you are here, you are supposed to know what we do. The brand Busforfun says a lot about what we promised to do for you: Live the fun in company is our claim!

    In this blog, we want to reveal, step by step, all the secrets behind our work.


    Where did we leave off? It was going to be a really hot summer…when we suddenly we found ourselves in the midst of a storm! We had driven you to several amusement parks, before finding ourselves on a huge roller coaster.

    It wasn’t easy to react to this hard and unknown situation (coronavirus emergency), but we looked each other in the eyes and thought that we had to do something to face the crisis.

    Buses had been parked for a too long time and we knew they needed to start running again…so we invented a way to make it happen!

    This our mission changed. Our offer had to change as well, in order to satisfy new needs.

    The pandemic made us invent new business ideas:

    • creating a tailor made shuttle-transport service, that drives employees to their companies. In this way they don’t have to take their own car or public transport. This guarantees safety and protects workers and companies. The next step will be to propose our services to public administrations, especially to schools, which will have to manage the return to classes of about 8 million students;
    • enriching our offer with new holiday packages, from art cities to beaches, such as the “Wine tour in Bologna” among wines, art and villages; the visit to Rocchetta Mattei and to the church of Alvar Aalto; a day at the Sigurtà and Borghetto sul Mincio Park;
    • after having reimbursed all of our customers with a voucher, equal to the amount spent plus a 15% bonus (paid by us), we are already responding to the first booking requests for the events of 2021, which makes us very proud;
    • our future plan is to reprogramme the “Ways of Saint James”, a unique journey, spiritual inside, exciting outside.

    Despite the difficult period caused by the pandemic, all of us have been busy like little bees, which do their best to guarantee the colony’s survival. Our staff is inspired by fundamental principles and values that lead and motivate us to work hard, to carry out the new mission of Busforfun. "Our strength? Technology and our team: 15 people that we try to keep cohesive and motivated, even in these periods of difficulties and changes" says Luca, co-founder of the company.


    This is what we have done and what we will keep doing for you.

    We’ll never stop upgrading and readapting our technology, in order to offer you a better and better service.

    This blog is going to be a way to keep in touch and to give you useful and (we hope) interesting information and news. 

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