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    Francesco Gabbani

    Ocotber 2022

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    Palasport 2022

    After the success of the concert at the Arena di Verona, which represented the closure of a path, Francesco Gabbani will return live in 2022 for two unmissable concerts in the Palasports: on October 1st it will be the turn of the Mediolanum Forum in Milan while on Saturday October 8 it will touch at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome, welcome us. Ready to dance all together "Occidentali’s Karma" under the stage?


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    Francesco Gabbani is among the most popular artists in the current Italian pop music scene. Raised in Carrara, from a very young age he became passionate about music and at eighteen he signed his first recording contract as a member of the Trikobaldo band. The career turning point comes in 2016 when, as a soloist, he wins the New Proposals section of the Sanremo Festival while the following year he closes the circle by triumphing in the absolute ranking of the big names thanks to the song and above all to the live performance of "Occidentali's Karma". In 2020 he is back on the Ariston stage with "Viceversa", with the song that takes second place in the general classification and gets the gold record for more than 35 thousand copies sold [...]

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