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    Fairs during Covid pandemic

    9th november 2020

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    A new way to make fairs

    After the latest Decrees, unfortunately, the fairs, on a national and international scale, have been cancelled too. Just to give you an idea, think about this: before the arrival of the pandemic, this sector used to generate 60 billion a year, representing the 50% of companies’ export. Due to the lockdown, indeed, we have recorded up to the 70% of losses!

    In this scenario of crisis and uncertainty, the industry had to cover new ground. What do we mean? Since the health emergency forced them to cancel live events, they decided to confirm the dates, carrying them out virtually!


    Obviously, it will never be the same, yet this modality offers some advantages too: from the cost reduction to an extremely wider and more engaging vision of the event.

    After the end of the pandemic, the digital exposition will likely continue to represent an important visibility tool, parallel and complementary to live meetings.

    At this stage, we are sure you are wondering how a virtual fair works.



    The rules to participate are the same: you access a render, a three-dimensional reproduction of the map, fully navigable, similar to what happens on Google Street View and you can go on a tour among the various booths, viewing their content, website and sharing contacts, easily from home. Nowadays, it is not difficult to imagine: think about a videogame in which you can create your own avatar and move in the virtual environment of the fair getting to know other avatars like you!

    Choosing this solution, the problem of distance has been overcome, in fact it is possible to reach the destination with no need to cross the country; another positive point is that this modality encourages the participation of an international audience, who may be afraid of the contagion or the journey, and may thus be more tempted to take part in a digital initiative rather than a live one.


    The choice of the digital is increasingly popular, from Veronafiere to Roma Fair. The hope is to contain the damage that this disastrous year generated. There are a lot of exhibitions that have been cancelled or postponed, with terrible effects in terms of export and satellite activities (set up, accommodation facilities).

    Luckily, according to the general managers, the data on the foreign participation at the fair are excellent, and so the meetings with the buyers and the forums.

    The introduction of a new digital system may be useful to compensate for the loss of physical attendance, thanks to the instant communication and the renewal of the language, that is smart and has an impact on the professional visitor.

    In Milan, Artigiano in Fiera has to comply with the current regulations: the international fair has been for 5 years the reference point for the best artisans and will take place in a longer span of time, between 28 November and 20 December, turning into “Artigiano in Fiera Live”, accessible 24 hours a day. Each artisan will have at their disposal a space in the virtual showcase that connects them with the buyers, making the products visible for the audience while Ge.Fi – Gestione Fiere Spa will take charge of the shipping charges.

    In Rimini, from 3 to 16 November, two fairs will take place: Ecomondo, dedicated to green and sustainable technologies and Key Energy, based on energy reserves, both on the platform provided by Italian Exhibition Group.

    In the capital, Ro.Me – Museum Exhibition, will celebrate its third edition between 25 and 27 November: the international fair of museums, places and cultural destinations will be available on romemuseumexhibition.com, with more than 70 companies, set up by Lazio region and that this year will deal with the impacts of the pandemic and the solutions to adopt.

    Starting from 3 November until 7 March 2021, for four months, Torino will host Flashback: the galleries of the art fair, that have traditionally been set up in the Pala Alpitour Isozaki, will be arranged in their own locations. Therefore, there will be a sort of hub, in which the various galleries will have their personal space, while remaining in their cities.

    In Padua, two fairs are expected: Green Logistics Intermodal Forum, the 12 and 13 November, that will be based on the intermodal transport, and the Flormat City Forum, that will take place the 1 December and that aims at creating a new balance between man and nature.


    As an old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

    We are sure there will be new developments in the next days. If you want to know them all, stay tuned!

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