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    Sant'Orso Fair in Aosta

    30th and 31st January 2024, Aosta

    Recommended by Fiera di Sant'Orso - Foire de Saint Ours.

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    The Millenial Craftsmanship Fair of Valle d'Aosta

    Following the city's streets every year comes the Fiera di Sant'Orso of Aosta, an occasion to see the works of the craftsmen of Valle d'Aosta: sculptures, turned objects, carving works, weaving.

    Wood is of course the "king" of the fair, but some wonderful examples in soapstone, iron, copper, caramic, glass, fabrics and laces, the result of craftmen's and hobbists' capacity and fantasy.

    The year 1000 is considered the "year zero" of the Sant'Orso Fair. According to legend, it all began in the area next to the Sant'Orso Church. Right in front of the church, the Saint, who had lived before the IX century, used to distribute clothing and "Sabot", the typical wooden shoes still present at the Fair today, to the poor. Nowadays the entire city center is involved in the event, which became a great moment of celebration.

    The two days are an opportunity for craftsmen, visitors and enthusiasts to meet each other, chat a little bit, trade ideas and suggestions and to come into contact with a world made of gestures passed down from the old generations that is still alive and is still evolving, in the digital age. The Fair is also music and folklore, an occasion to taste some local products and to assist to live demonstrations.


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