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    Fabi Silvestri Gazzè

    6th July 2024, Rome

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    Il padrone della Festa

    Three Roman artists and song-writers full of charisma in a unique event that will take place on 6th July 2024 at the Circo Massimo of Rome: Niccolò Fabi, Daniele Silvestri and Max Gazzè will celebrate, on that date, the 10th anniversary of the release of Il Padrone Della Festa, the album recorded by all three of them in the spirit of true friendship and sharing. Don't miss the party and jump on board our buses!


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    In 2014 Niccolò Fabi, Daniele Silvestri and Max Gazzè, after a trip in Sudan, with the desire of writing songs together, decided to work on a shared record and demonstrated that, although years of career as soloists, it is possibile to get together for art's sake, moving away from mere market logic. Their common history started in Rome at the beginning of the 1990s, when each one of them was taking his first steps into the world of music. At that moment, a complicit and close-knit musical scene was taking hold in Rome, where it wasn't rare for voices, words, instruments, musical affinities and divergences to intersect on a single stage and this atmosphere also gave rise to friendships destined to last over time. The album Il Signore della Festa was born precisely in this spirit. It is a record that touches on fundamental issues such as the environmental and climate crisis and the fragility of our planet [...]

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