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    7th July 2021

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    Travel ideas to live a unique experience

    The truth is that we are tired of the restrictions, we are tired of covid, we are tired of... a little bit of everything. The nerves are snooty and the word HOLIDAY makes us take the suitcase in our hands and raise the adrenaline to a thousand. Whether for the variants of the virus that are spreading, or for the different vaccination programs in foreign countries, many Italians will feel safer "at home" this year too, opting for a holiday in Italy.

    At the moment you can travel to Europe (in the countries on list C of the Farnesina website), but the situation, and the related restrictions, is constantly evolving. The borders between different countries are closed and reopened continuously, so it is always good to keep an eye on the website of the Crisis Unit of the Ministry Foreign Affairs Viaggiare Sicuri”.


    Whether it's in Italy or abroad, it doesn't matter. We are all on the starting line ready to leave and run towards the much-dreamed destination. And we certainly must not find ourself unprepared! Thanks to the golden age of digital, we can study the destination, what to do on site, the typical dishes to taste, local goodies to discover... and many other curious things to do in our next unforgettable "experience".

    Break the mold, do not settle for a dip in beautiful crystal-clear waters, to stay in the sun drinking cocktails or trekking immersed in nature. Here’s what we do.

    Have you ever thought about combining this type of holiday with the icing on the cake, that "little something" that makes it REALLY unforgettable and makes a difference?!

    We talk about experiential tourism when we refer to travel as a moment of immersive cultural discovery of the amenities of the place, as a chance to savor the life of the local population and, why not, referring to that time when you felt first-hand an adrenaline rush.

    What are you waiting for? Make sense of your journey, whatever the cherry on the top is for you, from the thrill of an adrenaline-pumping moment to something quiet and regenerating, turn your days out of everyday life into an unforgettable experience that refreshes the spirit!




    For sure, after endless months of lockdown and various restrictions, the universal trend will be the search for open spaces. To quote a case: in the United States, hard hit by the pandemic, state and national parks have seen huge influxes of visitors after reopening, flows destined to increase this year because the time spent in the wilderness is considered the best antidote to modern urban life.

    We have already given you some suggestions with our proposals a few weeks ago. But we also took a look at other curious things to do on holiday by browsing the web and, to be honest, the proposals are many and for all tastes: from preparing typical dishes with the chef of the moment, following in the footsteps of contemporary film myths or retracing the stages of past musical legends.


    Here are some of them:

    Do you a love the outdoors, trekking and games?! The Region of Lombardia, again this year, proposes Girarifugi & Alpeggi: a trek in the Lombard Alps equipped with a passport to be stamped on the structures that meet along the way to have, at the end, the prizes related to the mountain (good overnight stays in the Shelters of Lombardia, gadgets of Sport Specialist and alp products).


    Venture inside a rock-cut mine! where? In the first geomining park protected by Unesco, through a scenic overhanging access to the sea of Sardinia, in Masua, in sulcis-Iglesiente, you will descend into the darkness of this mineral deposit carved into the rock, in the presence of the majestic Sugar Loaf. 


    For a perfect "regenarating" holiday from the frenzy of daily routine you can choose to sleep in a characteristic "dwelling". Here is really the embarrassment of choice! From the houses in the trees to breathe pure air already at the first awakening, to the wine barrels to try the thrill of resting inside a real old barrel, renovated. From boutique hotels located in the Sassi di Matera, to spheres with glass windows to enjoy fantastic views in Piemonte, to solitary lighthouses on little rocky islands or cliffs, to the many hotels where simply moving the bed or opening the ceiling you can fall asleep under the starry sky comfortably lying on a soft bed.


    Do you know the history of Equa? A cargo ship that was armed during World War II and turned into a patrol boat with anti-submarine functions, but as leaving the port was mistaken for an enemy unit by an submarine... and was hit and sunk! This gem for experienced divers is twisted in Riomaggiore, in the Cinque Terre, located on the seabed still in perfect navigational set-up, surrounded by fish, crustaceans and marine plants! When you say "take a real immersion in history"!




    During the long lockdowns many Italians rediscovered the pleasure of getting to the stove... and we are sure that many of you this summer will want to delve into what you have learned from self-taught and why not, perfect superfine culinary techniques!  Here from Puglia to Tuscany, from Sardinia to Umbria some of the best farmhouses offer stays combined with real cooking classes held by michelin-starred chefs. Get involved, or maybe it is appropriate to say get your hands on pasta, to return home with memorable recipes typical of the territory!

    For some time now we have been heard talking here in Italy about "goat yoga", yoga with goats, the last frontier of pet therapy could come in handy to overcome the stress of the last two years. Born in Oregon, from the mind of Mrs. Layney Morse who found in this practice an excellent therapy to ward off the depression and stress of everyday life. In his opinion, the best is the Nigerian goats because they have a sensitivity, sweetness, and contagious joy! If you want to try it, however, you have to fly overseas, it seems that there are currently no centers in Italy that propose it.


    The most fearless will venture trips abroad, crossing all available fingers, with the hope of not being delayed or cancelled the flight, or not being in the hands of yet another voucher (as loved as it is hated at the same time).

    If the current legislation, constantly evolving, allows it here are some ideas to live an out-of-the-ordinary experience in a foreign country:

    Unloading your nerves with an adrenaline-pumping walk on what is called "the most dangerous path in the world": step by step on a wooden walkway leaning against vertical rocks inside a canyon, just one meter wide and placed at a height of 100 meters. It is this El Caminito del Rey, along the walls of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes in El Chorro, near Malaga (Spain).


    An out-of-the-way adventure trips?! Reach the islet of Skelling Michael in Ireland, off the Iveragh Peninsula with an hour's sailing, first brave the waves in the open sea, then the rock fall under the cliff and finally the 600 impervious steps at the mercy of the wind to reach the monastery of the 6th century (now abandoned) located on the top and declared a natural heritage, archaeological and ornithological by UNESCO.




    Do you want to swim between two continents? Make your way to the Silfra Frail, an underwater gorge that separates the Eurasian tectonic plate from the North American Plate, in the heart of Thingvellir National Park, Iceland. Here the water is so cold, pure and of a cobalt blue color, that it allows you to see up to 100 meters deep.

    Even the "simple" visit to a city can be transformed into something unique and unforgettable. In Tokyo you can visit the city with a go kart disguised as a famous character of anime, comics or computer games... who you prefer! Trained on safe and masked driving, you start in your own go-kart, following the guide to visit the city's attractions! Or in Paris immersed in a promenade des sens bandaged, to rediscover the romantic city from different points of view and taste it only with touch, smell and hearing.


    Have you already identified the experience for you? We're sure we've given you some great suggestions. Now it's your turn!

    And remember: the best way to wake up after two years of drowsy is an adventure away from your comfort!!!


    PS: When it comes to travel it is better to stay informed about the restrictions inherent in the Coronavirus pandemic. Before planning your holiday abroad, we advise you to always consult and keep monitored the website of the Ministry Foreign Affairs Viaggiare Sicuri.


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