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    Claudio Baglioni

    From June 3rd to 17th 2022, Rome

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    Dodici Note

    After the extraordinary success of the 3 revolutionary shows at the Verona Arena, Claudio Baglioni is ready for a new challenge: for the first time ever twelve concerts at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome from 3 to 17 June 2022. It will be an opportunity to experience a evening of great music, to be experienced to the notes of Un nuovo giorno un giorno nuovo!


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    Claudio Baglioni was born in Rome on May 16, 1951 and showed interest in music from an early age, participating in various competitions and learning to play the guitar as a self-taught. Nicknamed Agonia by all for his lanky and vaguely existentialist style, in 1970 he released his first single entitled Una favola blu / Signora Lia and it was immediately a resounding success that anticipated the release of his debut album, the eponym Claudio Baglioni. These are followed by pieces that will enter the history of the Italian pop tradition such as This little big love, And you, Along the way, Avrai and Mille giorni di me e di te. In 2018 he participated in the 68 edition of the Sanremo Festival as artistic director and conductor [...]
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