CJF Music Festival

From July 13rd to 15th 2017, Codognè (TV)

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Sun, Music & Fun...

We'll begin by giving the numbers: 36.000 m² of green space, 26 metre of stage, 40 m² of ledwall, 55.000 W of Acoustic systems, 120 voluteers, lots of artists, 3 nights of music and millions of smiles.




To frame the concerts, there will be various set up areas and thoughts to offer you a wide choice of activity. The village will be subdivided in various areas: Street Food, Activity, Shopping, Baby Fun.

For 2017, it has already been announced Ex-Otago, on tour with their new album Marassi and Rumatera, which will promote the newky released Ricchissimi.

The location of the festival which will take place in Codogne (TV) not far from Conegliano Veneto, and also ideal for those intending to visit the magnificent hills of Prosecco destined to become UNESCO heritage.

Furthermore, our guests can indulge in a tour or Venetian Villas and why not a visit to the splendid city of Venice: with Busforfun the fun never ends...

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13 LUGLIO - Rumatera, La Cantinaccia, Herman Medrano & The Groovy Monkeys



14 LUGLIO - Ex-Otago, Gazzelle, Pollio, Dj Aladyn



15 LUGLIO - Albertino, Dax Dj, Fare Soldi, THORN, Febbre a 90


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