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    BGeek - Bari Greek Fest

    From June 9th to 11th 2017, Bari

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    6┬░ Edition of the geek pride fair

    The history of BGeek is that of a Hully Gully nerd. From the first appointment, in 2012, we were in 4000, in 2016 there were about 18 million visitors of the fair. The last edition has, therefore confirmed the eponential growth trend of the fair, confirming the affection of the public which have replied with enthusiasm to the more than 120 events proposed in 3 days. 
    A fair which is always bigger, always more awaited and participated in, going from 300 metres square in 2012 to 5000 in 2016 and from 12 to 50 exhibitors, all confirmed and already available for the 2017 edition. BGeek is also a web community, with more than 13 million fans on facebook and another large growth potential thanks to the gradual but incessant increase of visitors outside the region.

    BGeek is a raw talent to invest in. Its numbers and growth are passionate and constant of a group of young geeks wanting to create, on their own territory, a sector that could go alongside the most well known Italian appointments of its genre. We have studied the lesson offered by our competitors and reinterpreting the rules in some cases, opening the inclusiveness and looking at the diverse audiences of the repeats: collectionists of every gender, technology passionates such as 3D press, youtube followers...

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