From 5th May 2016, Venice

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Discover Venice Walking Tour dei Bàcari with Veneziaeventi & Busforfun

As we walk, drink and eat we will tell you some anecdotes and stories about Venice.  


Our tour starts from the Jewish Ghetto, a secluded and appealing location, far  away from the major tourist routes. This is actually the oldest and best preserved Jewish neighborhood in the world, one  of Venice's many landmarks. We will then continue along the streets of the Cannaregio zone, one of the most residential areas where you can find bars and pubs frequented by locals. Here we will see the sculpture of Mister Rioba, an old merchant by origin from Morea, whose history was the base for many Venetian tales handed down via oral tradition. We will also see the house which is the birthplace of the famous  Venetian painter Tintoretto and we will end by crossing a bridge without handles called Chiodo, it's the last of its kind although it was the standard in ancient times.This tour gives you the possibility to discover the best local cichèti (many small portions of different food) and ombre (vines) as well as to experience Venice the way Venetians do, which many foreigners find unusual. 


If you have special requests or other days and times, don't hesitate to contact us. The tour needs at least 10 participants to be activated. 


This is also a nice way to celebrate  birthdays, anniversaries and special moments! 

Of course on request we will also take you to a typical Venetian taverns for lunch and dinner. 


We have 3 different options for our clients: 


  • The Baccarando kit with a map of the Bàcari and transportation in a boat
  •  The Tour Package includes includes a  guide, a visit to t.hree Bàcari of choice, the Baccarando kit and transportation in a boat  (maximum duration of 3 hours). 
  • The Plus Package Tour includes a  guide, a visit to three Bàcari and lunch in a typical Venetian restaurant, the  Baccarando kit and transportation in a boat.

All of the options DO NOT include the price of the drinks and food, every person is free to choose what they like and pay directly at the Bàcaro. 

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