Our Advantages

Why Busforfun ?

Busforfun is the mobility company to reach your favourite events.

Lower fares

Busforfun offers the lowest fares on market for a quick, cushy and pleasent journey to your favourite event: door to door from your home.

Seek your closest stop

An easy booking engine

The quick & easy booking engine allows you to immediately receive your ticket.

When possible we guarantee both bus trip and event ticket.

We can take you anywhere

Busforfun leaves from more than 250 locations in the whole of Italy.

We take you to events even from small towns not well linked by public transport.

Seek your closest stop

Where can you find your Busforfun tickets?

You can buy tickets either on-line or at the closest point of sale for you, visit the travel agency and ticket points list.



Savings, Safety and Sustainability are our key words that make your experience always better.