Subject to the requirement to wear seat belts throughout the trip (when required), the following regulations apply to minor travellers.

Should a scenario arise not falling under the categories listed below, you must coordinate an alternative with, S.R.L. by sending an email to BEFORE booking travel.

5.1 Rules for Travelling Minors

Children ages 0 – 3 years

May ride on, S.R.L. routes only in car seats approved for small children. Those seats must be carried by those accompanying the children, and during the trip they must be secured at two points using the seat belts present aboard., S.R.L. assumes no responsibility for the safety and legal compliance of the car seats brought aboard by those accompanying the minors

Children under 15

May only ride if accompanied throughout the trip by the person standing in loco parentis, or who has custody, or someone over the age of 18 bearing a properly executed power of attorney signed by the child’s legal guardian., S.R.L. and its Partner Companies explicitly waive any liability with regards to monitoring children on board

Minors over 15

May travel alone


Unaccompanied minors may not travel abroad.

Minors under one meter in height

Where, on the desired trip, a promo fare lower than the reduced fare is available, the lesser amount will apply to the minor’s fare. This guideline applies to reservations with at least one escort for every two minors.