A new initiative by launched to solve one of the biggest problems of our daily life: how to reach your workplace in a safer and more green way for everyone. #Commuting is born as an innovative intelligent and sustainable company shuttle service perfected by the experience we gained during the post covid-19 health crisis

"In this country that is trying to restart with the opening of factories, we realize that large industrial groups will face the difficulties of employees in getting to work. Also and above all in consideration of compliance with the safety standards that must be respected. Because the problem of starting again is precisely that of bringing people to the workplace ”. Hence the meeting between BusForFun and local transport companies, for the solution identified for all companies. Local companies will make their rental vehicles available (always perfectly sanitized, with passenger temperature control before boarding and the supply of protective devices). While has made available all the technologies for booking, data analysis and transport organization, which will also allow you to manage the seats of each individual vehicle in a secure way.


A Network For Transport With Shuttles

“We will contact the trade associations and the main industries in the area to offer this service which provides rental buses and allows employees to organize travel in absolute safety. It is a service that we give as companies, but also a way that allows the country to restart ”. “The control of flows and reservations guaranteed by technologies - will allow our transport companies to carry out the service in a safe, sustainable and controlled way. For the future, the good practice of traveling by bus on the commute from home to work and on leisure opportunities is the change that will contribute to the sustainability of transport in our community. Furthermore, immediately using a developed technology will allow the world of rental buses to emerge from the dramatic turnover crisis in the 2020 season ”.


Bus Shuttles As Corporate Welfare

The initiative was born from the combination of's great expertise in smart mobility management (data analysis, ticketing, operations) and the strength of Italian transport companies. “We are also thinking of solutions for shift employees, with solutions that facilitate the work of the staff offices who will always know, thanks to our platform, who has to get on board, at what time and on which bus. We think we can offer a complete corporate welfare service, offering not only transport, but the vehicle sanitation service and the possibility of finding gloves and a mask, sanitizing gel and temperature measurement on board before getting on the bus. The idea is to get right into the factories.


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