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    Dal 26 al 31 Luglio 2022, Oira (VB)

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    Tones Teatro Natura

    Nextones returns to the rocky surroundings of Val D’Ossola for its 8th edition, happening from 26th to 31st July 2022. A six-day collective immersion in the mountain and pristine waters of the local territory featuring a residency program encompassing site-specific workshops, talks, outdoors activities and culminating in a weekend of live concerts.

    The international festival dedicated to audio-visual research continues its ongoing exploration and rediscovery of the territory of Val D’Ossola in a process of mutual exchange and symbiotic contact with nature, inspired by sustainability criteria and Informed by the positive impact that the dialogue between artistic practices and the environment can generate.

    The investigation of the region will unfold with an ecological regard through a residency thought for a temporary community, presenting multidisciplinary and collaborative practices of care, listening and attention towards the body, the mind and the environment, fostering a heightened consciousness of the affordances and potentialities of the local area.


    #WetheFun #Nextones2022


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