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    Skunk Anansie

    June 30th 2022, Padua

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    Celebrating 25 Years

    Summer 2022 is preparing to welcome the return of Skunk Anansie, one of the most famous British rock bands of all time, expected in concert at the Sherwood Festival next 30 June 2022. The band led by Skin will return live to play the most important European stages: it will be in Padua for an unmissable evening where they will retrace and celebrate their 25 years of career.


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    The band formed in 1994 has written some of the most important and innovative pages of contemporary British punk rock. Their unmistakable and distinctive sound then conquered the world through a careful amalgamation of Funk, Heavy Metal, Blues, Reggae and Hip Hop influences on electronic bases. Able to alternate songs of angry protest with sweet ballads able to excite and dream. The group made up of Skin, Cass, Ace and Mark Richardson has under their belt 6 studio albums with an endless series of hits, from "Hedonism" to "Secretly", from "Charlie Big Potato" to "You'll Follow Me Down" [...]

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