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    Monza Rally Show

    December 7th & 8th 2019, Monza (MI)

    Consigliato da Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

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    The Show Must Go Hard!

    From 6th to 8th December the Monza Eni Circuit will host the circus of the rally. Monza Rally Show is a unique event of its kind since 1978 when the circuit decided to give its fans the emotions of the special stages. The tradition has been revived in recent years enriching the show on the track with events and initiatives in the paddock which brought more than 55,000 spectators in the circuit. The event gathers numerous passionate of motorsports due to the presence of pilots from various disciplines and categories. The focus of the international media has elevated the Monza Rally Show to a “classic” in motorsport events. Three days of passion and adrenaline become tradition because of thousands of spectators bringing passion and enthusiasm every year.


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