Where do you want to go and where do you want to leave?


    From October 1st to 19th 2021

    Adults 1 18+ years
    Children 0 0-17 years

    Testa O Croce Tour

    Two years of waiting, but the long awaited moment for us fans has arrived: the Modà are back!

    The band formed by Kekko Silvestre, Diego Arrigoni, Stefano Forcella, Enrico Zapparoli and Claudio Dirani will return live in the biggest Palasports of Italy with the preview of their tour. The strength of Modà is in their songs, but above all in the charge of energy that they know how to transmit in the band's concerts. To success stories, as Kekko sings, "non c'è mai una fine!"


    #WeTheFun #Modà #TestaoCroceTour



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