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    June 7th 2022 , Milan

    Adults 1 18+ years
    Children 0 0-17 years

    Milano Summer Festival 2022

    KoЯn return to Italy for a single great show: the American band protagonist of the international nu metal scene will take the stage of the Milan Summer Festival on 7 June 2022. It does not miss the opportunity to savor all the energy of the Bakersfield boys, it will be an unforgettable event!


    #WeTheFun #MISF2022 #KoЯn




    Although Korn are rightly considered the fathers of nu-metal, the Bakersfield-based band have always resisted classification of the genre. The 1995 single "Shoots and Ladders" which led to the groundbreaking 1998 album Follow the Leader first took them to stardom on MTV, and allowed them to open the Family Values ​​Tour with Limp Bizkit and Ice Cube . The roots of the Korn go back to the hardrock of the late 1980s when many members were active in the LAPD; after the band disbanded, meeting guitarist Brian Welch and vocalist Jonathan Davis led to the founding of Korn in 1993. The first songs like "ADIDAS" embodied the band's unique approach: disturbing and often obscure lyrics paired with trembling bass sounds, abrasive guitars and rap choirs. In the late 90s, Korn were at the forefront of the burgeoning nu-metal movement, bringing these new sounds to the general public, mixed between metal and industrial hip-hop with songs like "Got the Life", "Make Me Bad" and "Freak on a Leash" [...]

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