Inter - Season 2017/18

From October 2017

Te event zanima?

Vnesi tvoje podatke, da bi prejemal novice

Ko pošlješ obrazec preveri poštni predal, da bi potrdil vpis

Support wtih us NERAZZURRI for this new season!

Are you ready to support Inter's Nerazzurri in this new season?


Busforfun is looking forward to giving you the ability to cheer for your favorite players directly from the stadium: thanks to our bus service we will accompany you to the most exciting 2017 season games directly in front of the stadium in safety and comfort.




Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a day at the family stage or in the company of friends, with no stress and unnecessary fatigue, we will think of all of us! You will have to do nothing more than exult to the next goal of the Nerazzurri!

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