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BUSFORFUN.COM is the mobility company that offers bus connections from more than 250 locations and to the most important events and amusement centres in the countries within which we operate: Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

We are an innovative start-up, established by a group of transport, tourism and communication professionals. What do we have in common? The passion for resolving problems and turning them into unique opportunities. 

Over the years  we have noticed a lack of mobility offers for reaching different events, a lack of communication between the organizers of events and the organizers of transportation as well as obsolete payment methods and often a discouragingly complex system. 

For this reason, Busforfun wants to create a synergy that makes your travels easier and transforms them into memorable experiences.
We are proposing more than 250 places of departure, with the possibility of arriving at:

  • major sporting events (F1, MotoGP, SBK, RBS6Nations, Golf European Tour) 
  • the most important fairs in Italy (TTG, MakerFair, Abilmente, Longarone)
  • the most anticipated concerts in Italy in 2017.
  • theme days at the the amusement park Gardaland and Odissea2000.

We have a green spirit. By partnering up with Treedom we have chosen to become promoters of good practice of CO2 compensation - during the booking each passenger can have an environmental impact by paying an additional micro fee.